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Your personal identity on the cloud

Connect using your own policy about privacy, sharing and data ownership

Mark your property and link it to your account.

Protects you from poor organisation’s data & privacy policies

Your Identity
Things you Buy / Own

Your Identity

Manage your Identity

Pribook Personal Cloud platform establish a user-centric architecture, where individuals manage their personal data from multiple silos in one place.



Control your Address Book

Pribook connect individuals’s data silos to other individuals / organisations’s data silos (B2C, C2B and C2C) in a way that respect your own policy about privacy, sharing and data ownership.

Share without fear to “leak out” your personal data; You decide which data you share with whom and when to revoke that privilege.


Personal Account manage the Internet of My Things by Pribook

Things you Buy / Own

Great customer journey

When you look around your home, what you see is mostly stuff you own; meaning you’ve bought it already. Pribook makes everything you own smart today, so you can create the Internet of My Things.

What if that everything you own can have its own cloud? And inside that cloud can go all the data required for a genuine relationship with product / brand: Service manuals, Shortcuts, Product updates, Rating, etc. Plus a private customer’s space for you own useful data.



Connect with Vendors

Personal Cloud + Vendor Relationship Management tools are coming to support the next R'evolution: building systems around consumers to manage their interactions with vendors.

The same tools can also support individuals' relations with schools, government entities and other kinds of organizations.

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Vendor Relationship Management by Pribook

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